Jade & Johns birthday Celebrations at The Boardwalk

A fabulous time was had by residents of Bretby Hall at The Boardwalk for Jade & John's birthday celebrations. It was great to see everyone looking so happy whilst singing and dancing the night away ....what a band!! Ian would have loved to see us all at the boardwalk enjoying the amazing food & drink and was blown away with all the messages & comments he received.

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Welcome gathering for newbies at Bretby Hall

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South Driveway to Bretby Hall

The drive into Bretby Hall

A fantastic video showing the approach to Bretby Hall from the A511 using the South drive. Approach from A511 - Format in .MOV Approach from A511  - Format in .MP4 Coming Soon - In production

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I'm Doreen, get me out of here!


At Bretby Hall, we value our diversity and the incredible fun that brings. When we did this, we had no idea Doreen was formally a magician's assistant, we can see why. I hope you enjoy this as much as we and Doreen did. Her family have asked for it to become a regular blog at Bretby Hall, Doreen is equally keen. Thank you Doreen, we all love you. Pre catapult checks   Safety is a very important part of this highly dangerous and brave ch...

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Properties for sale at Bretby Hall


All 30 properties at Bretby Hall have now sold but if we hear of a resident selling to embark on the next chapter of their life, we will endeavour to list it here to allow you to start your next chapter in this incredible piece of history designed by Sir Jeffry Wyatville RA , involved with Chatsworth and Windsor Castle, for you to live in the best surroundings possible. The freehold company recogniose and are falling inline with the Government trend of 999 year leases to increase the value and desireability of leasehold properties here, so encouraging improovement and respect of the property as a whole.  

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An Introduction & Order of the Garter.

 Hello All! Where to begin? My husband Lee, and I happily moved into 2 Carnavon Court last May and delivered our son,Taliesin, only three weeks later. Quite an introduction to your new neighbours when you're in labour at a Jubilee party! We have since settled in, and met at least some of you in our wanderings. Everyone we have met has been incredibly kind and welcoming. We feel privileged to be part of such a wonderful community in such a fa...

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Sport at Bretby Park

​The Carnarvon's, in particular the 5th Earl used Bretby Hall and the park for recreation. This inspiration continues today. By a combination of privately ran clubs and enthusiasts, a vast array of sports thrive at the Bretby Park covering Golf, Shooting, Equestrian, Cars, Mountain Bikes, Flying and many more. Bretby Hall is in a unique position to enjoy these sports all within the original park grounds.   Golf on Bretby Park&...

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​The first written records of the Highclere estate date back to 749 when an Anglo-Saxon King granted the estate to the Bishops of Winchester. Bishop William of Wykeham built a beautiful medieval palace and gardens in the park. Later on, the palace was rebuilt as Highclere Place House in 1679 when it was purchased by Sir Robert Sawyer, the direct ancestor of the current Earl of Carnarvon. In 1842, Sir Charles Barry, who also designed the Houses of...

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Bretby Hall Chapel (Queens Court) and Bretby Village Church

A few pictures of Bretby Hall's own chapel showing a small gathering of some members and also a few pictures of the local church in Bretby Village  St Wystans Church, Bretby (stwystansbretby.co.uk)

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Bretby Hall Life


​Some random photos

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