Sport at Bretby Park

​The Carnarvon's, in particular the 5th Earl used Bretby Hall and the park for recreation. This inspiration continues today.

By a combination of privately ran clubs and enthusiasts, a vast array of sports thrive at the Bretby Park covering Golf, Shooting, Equestrian, Cars, Mountain Bikes, Flying and many more.

Bretby Hall is in a unique position to enjoy these sports all within the original park grounds.  

Golf on Bretby Park 

​Located on Bretby Park since 1907 with a 99 year lease from the 5th Earl of Carnarvon and purchased in 1922 when the 5th Earl sold Bretby Hall to fund the Excavation of Tutankhamun following its discovery. The Golf Course has been recognised as one of the best in the East Midlands by a national golfing magazine

Cars at Bretby Park 

There is a large number of car enthusiasts at Bretby Hall who have organised their own rallies.

Shooting on Bretby Park

​There is a strong shooting tradition on the estate extending from the Carnavon days to the present with record bags of 3,000 being obtained at the turn of the century. The shoot is very much a family affair with the Perkins family. The Bretby Park Estate extends to some 2,000 acres of mixed arable, grassland and mature mixed woodland. See

Mountain Bikes at Bretby Park 

The terrain for mountain bike riding as Bretby Park is fantastic and there is a small group that explore the tracks and the bar afterwards.  

Equestrian at Bretby Park

​Bretby Hall is home to hobby, eventing and dressage riders and there are many bridle ways and hills with a long pedigree of horse breeding going back as far as the 6th Earl of Chesterfield known as the racing Earl. There is a small private equestrian yard as well as a private race horse yard park.  

Flying at Bretby Park

​Ideal for a occasional quiet model aircraft flying in the grounds.

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