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I wonder of there's a service level agreement that specifies this area (including the shrubbed area by the grit bin)? If so, is this quite extensive bank area within the scope any maintenance agreement? To my knowledge only the sloping bank section has been trimmed this year (and not frequently enough) and the flat area up to the fence hasn't been touched and has become very overgrown and a bit of a jungle. Is the the extent and frequency of maintenance specified somewhere, and if so, may we see it so that we don't develop unrealistic expectations and bother the Board unnecessarily? And, would this include cutting of brambles, pruning of shrubs, clearing of fallen branches.

The last main post I can see here is entitled 'How Park Row are Better Off'. May I say that we may be financially better off but aesthetically we've steadily regressed.

Of course, many thanks to those who have taken their time to arrange the current contractors who do make a great job of the back lawn extending to the road, although border edges seem not to be trimmed for some reason.

Kind regards

Paul Brandwood
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2 weeks ago
I've lived here for ten years and to be perfectly honest I've never seen it looking so unkempt around the area apart from the back lawn.
2 weeks ago
I agree that the Park Row bank is looking very poor. I personally think the work done by the new team has been largely very good but for some reason they simply haven't been able to put in the hours required or specified in the tender document.

TBF I think the bank at Park Row is extremely challenging. The face is very steep and the top has a lot of building debris amongst it which will not only wreck equipment but also tends to fly out towards parked cars and windows, as we discovered last year! That's not an excuse of course, just saying it's not as straight-forward as a casual observer might imagine.

I think it was my suggestion to leave the top of the bank on the first visit so that some foliage could be re-established. Obviously I wasn't anticipating that it would then just be left for the rest of the season.

IMO the damage done by the previous contractors in the area around the satellite dish is so bad it needs clearing of rubble, a layer of topsoil and then reseeding.

The whole bank needs a coherent and consistent strategy of informed TLC.

In the meantime, some semblance of maintenance as per the spec would be very welcome.
2 weeks ago
Hi all, thank you for posting your concerns.

The work load has increased moving into summer months and some jobs at park row have required more time than originally expected, so as we adapt we made the decision last week to bring on another member of staff to help manage the work load, prioritising the grounds at park row.

You may have noticed some improvement today as it was already scheduled for Harry and the new member of staff Adam to work on park row. I heard different opinions from residents regarding the top bank and the best way to maintain, but it is now overgrown. We will be strimming this area and the area behind the bins down this Thursday, I suggest we do this to just above ground level so we can assess what is under the over grown foliage, as Paul Harris mentioned the last thing we want is any damage caused by debris left up there. The sloped part of the bank does pose some safety issues especially with how wet the weather has been recently, but with drier weather here it will be cut more frequently.

With the additional member of staff we should be looking at doing some form of maintenance at park row every 7 days in summer months, done in priority order. Note that Harry and Adam work Tuesday and Thursday's currently.

We do regular park walk arounds to check jobs are running on schedule and to prioritise new jobs. As you have done, if you have any concerns please reach out via this forum.

I appreciate your patience as we work to get everything smoothed out, I ask all residents to work with us to help understand expectations so we can all make the Bretby park grounds the best they can be.

Thank you
1 week ago
MichaelAndChloe Let me know the best way to contact you privately as I may be able to help.

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